Journal publications:

S. Weisenburger, F. Tejera, J. Demas, B. Chen, J. Manley, F.T. Sparks, F. Martínez Traub, T. Daigle, H. Zeng, A. Losonczy, and A. Vaziri, Volumetric Ca2+ Imaging in the Mouse Brain using Hybrid Multiplexed Sculpted Light Microscopy, Cell 177, 1050 – 1066 (2019).
• Selected as featured article in Cell 177, Issue 4.
• Highlighted in Nature Methods: Research Highlight editorial Hybrid volumetric calcium imaging by N. Vogt.
Press release of the Rockefeller University.

S. Weisenburger and A. Vaziri, A Guide to Emerging Technologies for Large-Scale and Whole-Brain Optical Imaging of Neuronal Activity, Annual Review of Neuroscience 41, 431 – 452 (2018).
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S. Weisenburger, R. Prevedel and A. Vaziri, Quantitative evaluation of two-photon calcium imaging modalities for high-speed volumetric calcium imaging in scattering brain tissue, submitted (2017).
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S. Weisenburger, D. Boening, B. Schomburg, K. Giller, S. Becker, C. Griesinger, and V. Sandoghdar, Cryogenic optical localization provides 3D protein structure data with Angstrom resolution, Nature Methods 14, 141 – 144 (2017).
• Highlighted in Nature Methods: News and Views article by T. D. Craggs.
• Highlighted in Nature Methods: Methods to Watch editorial Structure via super-resolution by N. de Souza.
Press release of the Max Planck Society and press release of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg.
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R. Prevedel, A.J. Verhoef, S. Weisenburger*, A.J. Pernia-Andrade*, B.S. Huang, T. Nobauer, A. Fernandez, J.E. Delcour, P. Golshani, A. Baltuska, and A. Vaziri, Fast volumetric calcium imaging across multiple cortical layers using sculpted light, Nature Methods 13, 1021 – 1028 (2016).
• Highlighted in Nature Methods: Methods to Watch editorial Faster brain imaging by N. Vogt.
Press release of the Rockefeller University and Press release of the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology.
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A. Tabor, S. Weisenburger, A. Banerjee, N. Purkayastha, H. Hubner, L. Wei, T.W. Gromer, J. Kornhuber, N.M. Birdsall, G.I. Mashanov, N. Tschammer, V. Sandoghdar, and P. Gmeiner, Visualization and ligand-induced modulation of dopamine receptor dimerization at the single molecule level, Scientific Reports 6, 33233 (2016).


S. Weisenburger and V. Sandoghdar, Light Microscopy: An ongoing contemporary revolution, Contemporary Physics 56, 123 – 143 (2015).
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S. Weisenburger, B. Jing, D. Hanni, L. Reymond, B. Schuler, A. Renn, and V. Sandoghdar, Cryogenic Colocalization Microscopy for Nanometer-Distance Measurements, ChemPhysChem 15, 763 – 770 (2014).
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S. Weisenburger, B. Jing, A. Renn, and V. Sandoghdar, Cryogenic localization of single molecules with Angstrom precision, Proceedings of SPIE 8815, 88150D (2013).
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J. Jung, S. Weisenburger, S. Albert, D. Gilbert, O. Friedrich, V. Eulenburg, J. Kornhuber, and T.W. Gromer, Performance of scientific cameras with different sensor types in measuring dynamic processes in fluorescence microscopy, Microscopy Research and Technique 76, 835 – 843 (2013).


D.-H. Chae, T. Utikal, S. Weisenburger, H. Giessen, K. von Klitzing, M. Lippitz, and J.H. Smet, Excitonic Fano Resonance in Free-Standing Graphene, Nano Letters 11, 1379 – 1382 (2011).
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A. Vaziri and S. Weisenburger, Hybrid multi-photon microscopy, US Patent 11,808,702 B2 (2023).


PhD thesis:

S. Weisenburger, Cryogenic Super-resolved Fluorescence Microscopy, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light and Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (2016).
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Master thesis:

S. Weisenburger, Nonlinear Microscopy on Plasmonic Nanostructures, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and University Stuttgart (2010).