Paper about HyMS microscopy published

Our paper entitled “Volumetric Ca2+ Imaging in the Mouse Brain using Hybrid Multiplexed Sculpted Light (HyMS) Microscopy” has been published.

We have developed a modular platform named Hybrid Multiplexed Sculpted Light (HyMS) microscopy featuring a systems-wide design paradigm that maximizes the acquisition volume size and speed while maintaining fidelity for obtaining single neuron activity traces. Our modular design utilizes a hybrid two- and three-photon acquisition and allows for volumetric recording of neuroactivity at single-cell resolution within up to 1 × 1 × 1.22 mm volumes at up to 17 Hz in awake behaving mice. We establish the capabilities and potential of the different configurations of HyMS microscopy at depth and across brain regions by applying it to in-vivo recording of up to 12,000 neurons in mouse auditory cortex, posterior parietal cortex and hippocampus.

Read our publication here.

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